If you're here it's because you probably want to know who the heck the person running this crazy blog is. So, Hi I'm Minnah & I'm the creator of this crazy weird blog. I'm a working college student whom rather read than be in math class. I live and thrive in New York. I'm christian and I go to church 4/7 days a week. I love hearing music and writing. I have SO MANY stories in my head that want out and SOMEDAY I'll unleash it on the world. Until then I will be on my conquest to create my own NERD EMPIRE!

I love to read. Uh, that's a given :P It just takes me away from the stress of my everyday life. I took on blogging in February 2012. It was an experiment of sorts, for me. The summer of '11 I had a HUGE reading binge. I read 200+ books and I was bursting to get my thoughts out to someone, so I looked into blogging. And you know what? I LOVED IT! I had no idea book blogs were as big as they are in the blogging community, I had no idea what ARCs were, all I knew was that this was something I wanted to do for fun and hopefully meet some book lovers threw it. And so far I have met TONS of bloggers, that I LOVE!

Remember when I said I love music, well I love music just as much as books! I'm really into indie music and british music but recently I've experienced something amazing. I found KPOP. I found it way back in 2010 with Girls Generation but forgot about it *sad* but then my sister found it and now I cannot stop listening to it. I was interested when this new group B.A.P. debuted and then fell into it more when EXO debuted, what tipped the scales though was when I discovered G-Dragon, Bigbang, BTS, Block B, and *my ultimate bias* ZICO! Now I'm learning the korean & one day I'll go to Korea *_*